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alphabet.wav - 180KB
Oh Honey! Pull my pussy lips apart
and take the tip of your tongue and
spell the alphabet on my clit!
adultmaterial.wav -26K
Warning - This site 
contains adult material!
abitch.wav - 14KB
You are a bitch!
allnite.wav - 22KB
I could fuck you all night long!
allover.wav - 92KB
I love the way you
lick me all over!
altoidbj.wav - 41KB
Come here baby - I want to
give you an Altoid Blow Job!
arewehaving.wav - 14KB
Are we having fun yet?
badboy.wav - 36KB
Oh Baby! What a
bad boy your are.
ballslap.wav - 59KB
Oh Yea - Oh Yea, I can feel your
balls slapping up against my ass!
bestblowjob.wav - 49KB
I'll give you the best
blow job you've ever had!
bigtoy.wav - 93KB
I've got a few places 
I'd like to put that big toy.
bitethepussy.wav - 66KB
You can like my pussy, you 
can kiss my pussy but please
don't bite the fucking pussy!
blowme.wav - 22KB
Oh - Blow Me!
camefifteentimes.wav - 7KB
Oh my god, I came fifteen
times last night!
candy.wav - 46KB
Candy is dandy but diamonds
just might get you laid!
comegetit.wav - 13KB
Come and get it!
comehome.wav - 179KB
Oh Baby, I can't wait for you to
come home so I can feel those
sexy lips of yours all over my body!
comefkme.wav - 7KB
Stop playing around
and come fuck me now!
cuffmebaby.wav - 49KB
Yea - cuff me baby!
cumallover.wav - 86KB
I want you to cum all over 
me and then lick it off!
cuminme.wav - 31KB
Oh I wanna feel you cummin in me!
cyberme.wav - 91KB
Oh Baby, the way you 
cyber me makes
me so fucking hot!
cyberwet.wav - 264KB
Oh Baby, when you cyber me it
makes me so fucking wet that I can't
wait to put my hands down by my
pussy and just play till I cum.
doanything.wav - 41KB
Do anything you want to me!
dome.wav - 23KB
Oh - do me baby!
doesyourboss.wav - 20KB
Does your boss know you're here?
doesurwife.wav - 19KB
Does your wife know you're here?
donteaseme.wav - 6KB
Don't tease me baby - please!
dontmessupmyhair.wav - 65KB
Fuck me, suck me, eat me,
beat me, lick me, stick me,
hurt me - make me cum 
but don't mess up my hair!
dothis.wav - 22KB
I wouldn't be doing 
this for just anybody!
edibleunder.wav - 18KB
Honey, you make my edible
underwear melt right off!
eatmebaby.wav - 241KB
Ah - Oh - Yes - East me baby - 
god that feels so fucking good - 
oh, yes suck my clit! 
eatmypussy.wav - 131KB
Ah - oh - eat my pussy, baby!
eatpie.wav - 87KB
I've got some pie for you baby,
would you like some whipped
cream on this pie, oh, come
over here and eat this pie!
egotistical.wav - 52KB
You are the most egotistical, self
deluded person I have ever met.
 . .
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