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Loaded Questions Adult Version   [EL-6115]

Loaded Questions Adult Version[EL-6115]
Loaded Questions Adult Version - [ Players 3-6 ] Game night was never this much fun! Playing Loaded Questions: Adult Version with your friends will bring you closer together as you take turns answering silly and sexy questions. By the time you`re done, you`re face will be as red as this box. Loaded Questions Adult Version comes with game board, answer pad, question cards, six pencils, dice, and six game pieces.

Loaded Questions Adult Version
Item # EL-6115
 Price: $24.95

Pimps and Hos Game  [EL-6214]

Pimps and Hos Game[EL-6214]
Pimps and Hos Game - [ Players 2-8 ] The craziest adult board game ever made! Pimps and Ho`s is made for the person with a twisted mind that wants gut busting laughs. In the game all the players are pimps and you move around the board acquiring ho`s, then pimping out their services. The over all concept is to put all your rival pimps out of business and become Pimp Daddy. This game is designed for groups of friends to play and have a great time laughing your butt off. The game includes a game board, game money, dice, Ho cards, Big House cards, Incident cards, Mob Boss cards, instructions, and eight player pawns. If you are looking for even more fun, there are expansion sets for the game. Pick up any or all of the six alternate decks of cards to add new fun and excitement to this already great game. Its time to turn your friends out!

Pimps and Hos Game
Item # EL-6214
 Price: $24.95

Hands on Body Twist Her Game   [EL-6300]

Hands on Body Twist Her Game[EL-6300]
Hands on Body Twist Her Game - [ Players 2-6 ] Get twisted with pleasure! Directions are easy. Place 6 hand stickers where you want to be touched. Roll the dice and follow the colors and direction. It`s simple - you roll lips/green place and keep your lips on his green hand sticker. Now he rolls elbow/yellow which means his elbow has to stay on your yellow hand sticker "˜till he rolls another elbow, or until your bodies are so twisted and entangle that you begin to... Well, have twisted fun! That`s what it is all about - of course!

Hands on Body Twist Her Game
Item # EL-6300
 Price: $14.95

Dirty Minds Game  [EL-6347]

Dirty Minds Game[EL-6347]
Dirty Minds Game - [ Players 2-6 ] The original game of naughty clues will have you in fits of laughter at your next adult party. Find out who thinks they have a dirty mind and who really does - only the game can reveal your friends innermost dirty thoughts during endless hours of adult entertainment.

Dirty Minds Game
Item # EL-6347
 Price: $16.95

Deluxe Dirty Mind Game   [EL-6347-2]

Deluxe Dirty Mind Game[EL-6347-2]
Deluxe Dirty Mind Game - [ Players 2-6 ] If you are the type of person who hates when someone finds a dirty reference in everything you say, Dirty Minds is the game for you! The dirtier your thoughts, the worse off in the game you will be. The game has dirty clues that all have clean answers. Just read the clues out loud and let the group try to find the cleanest answer. Dirty Minds is for two or more adults and will provide you with hours of filthy laughter leading to a clean end. The deluxe version includes 906 dirty clues, 302 clean answers, 100 game cards, 4 puzzle booklets, 4 pencils, 4 markers, dice, and a game board. All new and even more outrageous than the original game!

Deluxe Dirty Mind Game
Item # EL-6347-2
 Price: $21.95

Got Boinked Board Game   [EL-GB2046]

Got Boinked Board Game[EL-GB2046]
Got Boinked Board Game - [ Players 3-8 ] What happens when Truth or Dare meets Clue? You Get Boinked! It`s the getting-to-know-you game like none other! In this naughty game of whodunnit, you and your friends and your soon-to-be friends compete to find out who got BOINKED, where and with what playtoy. Take turns guessing in a sexy process of elimination where you try to figure out what cards the other players are holding. Use all of your special skills to tease out the truth and get pleasantly surprised when you find out who is innocent and who is not-so-innocent. No matter how shy or how bold, everyone will have fun! It`s the only game that comes with a guarantee that at least someone gets BOINKED!

Got Boinked Board Game
Item # EL-GB2046
 Price: $24.95

X-Rated Ring Toss Party Game   [EL-6254]

Got Boinked Board Game[EL-GB2046]
X-Rated Ring Toss Party Game - What kind of party tricks can you do? A small butt plug hosts a protruding 8" x .25" dowel that makes the scoring pole for this fun adult game of X-rated ring toss. The 2" long butt plug is 1" at its widest. Toss your inhibitions away!

X-Rated Ring Toss Party Game
Item # EL-6254
 Price: $12.95

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