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Adult Novelty Party Favors From
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Party Pecker Whistles   [EL-7860-71]

Party Pecker Whistles[EL-7860-71]
Party Pecker Whistles - [ 6 PCS ] Just put your lips together and blow! Wet your whistle and get the party started with this pack of six flesh pecker whistles that are perfect for your next girls night out. Party Pecker Whistles manufactured by Forum Novelties.

Party Pecker Whistles
Item # EL-7860-71
 Price: $2.95

Light Up Bling Rings   [EL-7860-55]

Light Up Bling Rings[EL-7860-55]
Light Up Bling Rings - [ 6 PCS ] These are quite possibly the cutest favors ever! Pack contains 6 light-up Bling Rings. Each ring has the batteries included so the fun is ready to go! Light Up Bling Rings manufactured by Forum Novelties.

Light Up Bling Rings
Item # EL-7860-55
 Price: $9.95

Good Head 6 Pack Sampler   [DJ1360-25]

Good Head 6 Pack Sampler[DJ1360-25]
Good Head 6 Pack Sampler - [ 6 PC / 0.25 FL. OZ. ] Assorted Flavors Just put your lips together and blow with Doc Johnson´s GoodHead gel. Try for yourself and see how this edible blow job enhancer makes your foreplay unforgettable! This 6 pack includes GoodHead gel packed into portable pillow packs. Assortment includes Mint, Cinnamon, Cherry, Strawberry, and Passion Fruit.

Good Head 6 Pack Sampler
Item # DJ1360-25
 Price: $7.95

Beaded Dicky Wine Charms   [PD6032-00]

Beaded Dicky Wine Charms[PD6032-00]
Beaded Dicky Wine Charms - [ 8 PCS ] Beaded Wine Charms with little peckers to snap onto your champagne or wine glass to help you keep track of your drink. Assorted colors. Dicky Wine Charms by Pipedream Products PD6032-00.

Beaded Dicky Wine Charms
Item # PD6032-00
 Price: $7.95

Party Favors Candy Rings   [PD7428-00]

Party Favors Candy Rings[PD7428-00]
Party Favors Candy Rings - [ 8 PCS ] Adult penis shaped hard candy on a plastic ring pacifier style. Each sucker is individually wrapped. Assorted flavors include strawberry, cherry, orange and lime. 8 pieces per box. Please note this item is for adults only. Never give to a small child. Choking hazard. Also this adult candy may have come in contact with peanuts during packaging for those of you with peanut sensitivities/allergies.

Party Favors Candy Rings
Item # PD7428-00
 Price: $8.95

Motion Lotion 12 Pack Sampler   [DJ4500-12]

Motion Lotion 12 Pack Sampler[DJ4500-12]
Motion Lotion 12 Pack Sampler - [ 12 PC / 4 ML PILLOW PACKS ] Get your body in motion when you start off an evening of adult pleasure with novelty lubes. This unique assortment of flavored massage lotion warms to the touch and gets hot when you blow on it. Too hot? Just lick it off - it tastes great. Sampler pack includes Motion Lotion´s most popular flavors, like cherry, passion fruit, strawberry and pineapple. Guaranteed to result in many happy ending massages! Includes 12 pillow packs.

Motion Lotion 12 Pack Sampler
Item # DJ4500-12
 Price: $9.95

Pecker Candy Whistle Necklace   [PD7435-00]

Pecker Candy Whistle Necklace[PD7435-00]
Pecker Candy Whistle Necklace - [ 4 PCS ] Put your lips together and blow. It´s a whistle but it is also a tasty hard candy treat. The perfect pecker party favor for all the guests to wear at the party or out on the town. Comes in a set of 4.

Pecker Candy Whistle Necklace
Item # PD7435-00
 Price: $6.95

Flavored Condoms Assortment   [DB0002-D-3U]

Flavored Condoms Assortment[DB0002-D-3U]
Flavored Condoms Assortment - [ 12 PC ] Spice up your sex-life safely with these fun items. Flavors include Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Grape, Cola, Mint. Makes a great loot bag filler.

Flavored Condoms Assortment
Item # DB0002-D-3U
 Price: $9.95

Hot and Sexy Warming 12 Pack Sampler   [DJ1301-25]

Hot and Sexy Warming 12 Pack Sampler[DJ1301-25]
Hot and Sexy Warming 12 Pack Sampler - [ 12 PC / 4 CC PILLOW PACKS ] Hot and Sexy Warming Lubricant warms to the touch when applied to the skin and heats up when you blow on it. Have a night of hot sensations with this 4cc pillow pack assortment of 12 flavors.

Hot and Sexy Warming 12 Pack Sampler
Item # DJ1301-25
 Price: $9.95

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