Vagina Gallery
The breasts and the vulva (collective term) used to describe
the visible external female genital organs, extending from the
 mons pubis (mound) to the perineum (area between the vagina 
and the anus). The external genitalia consist of
 the clitoris, clitoral hood, and the labia majora and labia minora..
Labia Majora & Labelia Minora
The soft external flaps of skin are the labia majora (outer lips). Inside the protective outer lips, you'll find another, more delicate pair of lips called the labia minora (inner lips). There's a lot of variation in appearance.  Some women's inner lips are bigger than their outer ones, some are more wrinkled or paler or darker.
The Labia Majora & Labelia Minora
The Clitoris & Hood
Clitoris & Hood
Between the inner lips, high up, is a protective fold of skin. This is called the clitoral hood. If it is pulled back gently, a tiny, round bulge is exposed. This is the clitoris, which plays an important, positive role in a woman's sexuality. The clitoris is rich with nerve endings and extremely sensitive. 
The Urethra
 Just below the clitoris is a small opening, the urethra. This is the opening through which women urinate. 
The Urethra
The Vagina
The Vagina
 Continuing downward, below the urethra, is see a larger opening, which is the entrance to the vagina. The vaginal opening is called the introitus. The vaginal canal that leads from the vaginal opening it is a narrow tunnel that usually measures between three and six inches in length.
The G-Spot
 An area on the forward wall of the vagina, just behind the pubic bone about two inches.
The G-Spot

Fun Facts
Average Depth of a Vagina: between 3 to 6 inches.
Largest Vagina: the female blue whale with a normal length of 6 to 8 feet.
Largest Human Vagina: belonged to a woman who was 7'8" tall.
Smallest Vagina: 2 or 3 centimeters - surgery is required for correction.
Longest Clitoris: recorded at 4½ inches long and 1½ inches diameter.
Longest Labia Minora: some African tribes enlarge their labia to 7 inches in length.
Largest Buttocks: Hottentot tribe have buttocks that each can be two or three feet.
Largest Breasts: 44-pounds breasts measuring 33 inches in circumference.
Most Breasts: In 1886 a french woman was recorded with ten individual breasts.
Most Orgasms: 134 in one hour for a woman - 16 for a man.
Longest Recorded Orgasm: 43-seconds with 25 consecutive contractions.
Longest Recorded Pubic Hair:  28" (71.12 cm) long.
What Do Doctors Know! 
According The Solitary Vice, a book for doctors that came out in the 1890s, women who masturbate tend to eat a lot of foods containing mustard and vinegar. 
Bad Middle Ages! 
Women were discouraged from having orgasms during the Middle Ages because it was thought that orgasms made women less capable of getting pregnant. 
Inventors Corner! 
The modern IUD invented was invented in 1909. 
What About The Cucumber? 
.According to the Hite Report, candles are the artificial device used more frequently by women when masturbating. 
Depends On Who You Ask?
According to Kinsey Report (1953), 15 percent of the female population was capable of multiple orgasms. 
It's A Fact! 
  The vagina and the eye are self-cleaning organs. 
More Reasons To Own A Vibrator!
Having an orgasm relieves menstrual cramps because the vigorous 
muscle action moves blood and other fluids away from congested organs.
Blame It On Ben!
  "Scrump" is archaic slang for "the sexual act." Ben Franklin referred to prostitutes as "scrumpets." 
 The G-spot is named for Dr. Ernest Grafenberg. 
Who Knew?
The modern psychiatric definition of nymphomaniac is a woman who cannot experience sexual satisfaction regardless of the number of orgasms or partners she has. 
What's In A Name?
According to one source, there are about 1,000 recognized slang words for "vagina." 
8 out of 10 Can't Be Wrong!
In a recent survey of women who use vibrators for sexual relief, 8 out 10 
stated they do not insert the vibrator inside them, they use it on the outside
of the clitoris to achieve orgasm. 
Not Tonight!
 A female orgasm is a powerful painkiller (because of the release of endorphins), so headaches are in fact a bad excuse not to have sex.
Oh! Cleo!
 It is ancient legend that Cleopatra of the Nile had 2 orgasms a day and manufactured her diaphragm out of of cow dung.

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