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What You Need To Know About Condoms!
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Do's & Don'ts
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Condom failure is more often due to user failure than product failure.
1. Do store condoms property - away from heat, sunlight, excessive cold, moisture, fluorescent lights or any kind of friction against the package. 
2.Do check the expiration date.  Most companies have an expiration date on the box or the individual wrappers. Others put the date the condoms were made. When stored in a cool dry place condoms with spermicide have a shelf life of three years; those without spermicide have a shelf life of five years. It is a good idea not to use a condom whose expiration date is less than a year away. 
3. Do use a condom with each act of sexual intercourse or change if the penis moves from the rectum to the vagina. 
4. Do put a condom on before any contact is made between the penis and any part of the partners body. Any body fluid alone can spread sexually transmitted diseases. 
5. Do unroll the condom completely before use. 
6. Do use only water based lubricants on latex. 
7. Do apply a small amout of lubricant both inside and out to prevent breakage. 
8. Do put a small amount of spermicide in the tip of the condom if you are using the condom for birth control. 
9. Do use unlubricated condoms for oral sex. 
10. Do pinch the end of the condom if there is no reservoir tip to leave room for the sperm to collect. 
10. Do check the condom during sex, especially if it feels strange, to make sure it is still in place and unbroken. 
11. Do stop if you feel a condom break, and withdraw immediately.  Apply some contraceptive foam.  Don't douche or otherwise attempt to "wash out" the vagina or anus, as this only pushes the semen further inside. 
12. Do grab the rim of the condom after ejaculation and before the penis gets soft and remove it from your partner. 
13. Do wrap a used condom in a tissue and throw it in the trash. 
Dispose of your condoms properly and do not leave them lying around, especially if you have children or pets. 
14. Do practice putting on a condom. 
15. Do try different condoms and lubricants till you find the right products for YOU. 

1.Don't keep condoms in your wallet or glove compartment, pocket, wallet, or purse.  And in a purse, keys, pens, or other sharp objects can damage a condom if it's not in a protective case. 
2.Don't use a condom with a damaged package or if it is brittle, sticky or discolored
3.Don't use outdated condoms. 
4.Don't open a condom package with your teeth.  The foil condom packet has a tear strip; use it.  Also, once the condom is out of the package, handle it gently and be careful with fingernails or body jewelry around the penis or vagina. 
5.Don't use of oil-based lubricants (petroleum jelly, shortening, lotions). that weaken latex. 
6.Don't pull the condom on too tightly, with no room at the tip. If the condom doesn't have a reservoir tip, squeeze the end to remove air, and leave a little room at the end.
7.Don't use 2 condoms at the same time - the friction between the two can cause breakage. 
8.Don't use a male and a female condom at the same time. 
9.Don't reuse a condom. 
10.Don't flush them down the toilet. 
Condoms are the most effective way of preventing STDs and HIV.  Condoms are now manufactured to offer maximum protection and thin enought to not interfere with sexual pleasure.  Condom failure is usually caused by incorrect usage. 

  If you are not familiar with condoms the best idea is to buy an assortment pack and try them all until you find the condoms that are right for you.

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