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  If performed correctly many women can actually orgasm from breast stimulation.  Areas that are especially sensitive to touch include the nipple and the areola (the pinkish area that directly surrounds the nipple). We have included many products that are designed to help tease, fondle, stimulate and pleasure nipples and/or breasts.
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Category X Kit - NW1855
Category X Kit
Category X Kit  - The kit has a dual jack controller so you can use both the butterfly arouser and the multi-function tool together. The butterfly is made of soft jelly and the harness fits most waist sizes. The multi function tool has three interchangeable heads for a variety of stimulating experiences. The ribbed G-spot stimulator measures 2.25" in length. The 2.25" jelly soft cup with nubs can be used on the clit or the nipples. The 2.25" two-pronged ribbed teaser can be used on the clit, nipples, or any place you wish to tease. The controller has eight levels of pulsation, escalation, and vibration and each jack can be controlled individually
Material: Jelly
Color: As Shown
Batteries: 4 AA, Not Included
2.25 inches long
3.00 inches wide
ITEM:  NW1855 
  Price:  $59.95
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Dr. Z. Nipple Pleaser - SE5870-04
Dr. Z. Nipple Pleaser
Dr. Z. Nipple Pleaser - Incredible suction and vibration! Newly designed finger-grip pump and 2 easy to use wireless micro-stimulators with soft jelly ticklers, that can be used on any erogenous zone. Convenient Y-converter for simultaneous vacuum control. Quick release purge valves, pliable and flexible tubing. Batteries included. Dr. Z. Nipple Pleaser are manufactured by California Exotic Novelties SE5870-04.
Material :  Jelly
Color: Pink
Batteries: Included
ITEM:  SE5870-04
 Price: $24.95
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E-Zone Nipple Arousers - SE2598-04
E-Zone Nipple Arousers
E-Zone Nipple Arousers - Sucking Stimulators with vibrating bristle teaser! Turn up the vibration and feel the tiny bristles lift your erogenous senses to a higher level of excitement! Superior suction, powerful multi-speed vibrations, uniquely soft bristles, multi-functional!  E-Zone Nipple Arousers are manufactured by California Exotic Novelties SE2598-04.
Material :  Jelly
Color: Pink
Batteries: 2 AA, Not Included
ITEM:  SE2598-04
 Price: $26.95
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Nipple Suckers - SE2640-03
Nipple Suckers
Nipple Suckers - Slip these rubber suckers over a nipple and squeeze. A gentle vacuum is created, tugging and teasing your most playful erogenous zone, the nipples. Perfect for couples or individuals with a passion for creative foreplay.  Nipple Suckers are manufactured by California Exotic Novelties SE2640-03.
Material :  Rubber
Color : Black
Batteries : None
ITEM:  SE2640-03 
 Price: $4.95
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Girrl Toyz Nipple Luscious Vibrating Nipple Suction Pump - TS0495-6
Girrl Toyz Nipple Luscious Vibrating Nipple Suction Pump
Girrl Toyz Nipple Luscious Vibrating Nipple Suction Pump - Get pumped up! The Nipple Luscious is the perfect way to perk up your foreplay. The bulbs create a vacuum that gently sucks your nipples. The multi-speed vibration teases and pleases with the aid of inner ticklers. Each of the pumps require 4 watch size batteries, eight are included. Perky, happy nipples in no time!  Girrl Toyz Nipple Luscious Vibrating Nipple Suction Pump are manufactured by Topco Sales TO0495-6.
Material: Rubber
Color: Pink
Batteries: Included
3.00 inches long
ITEM:  TS0495-6
 Price: $24.95
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Waterproof Nipple & Testicle Teaser - SE2628-04
Waterproof Nipple and Testicle Teaser
Waterproof Nipple and Testicle Teaser  - Set the vibration speed, place the soft cup on her nipples and watch the excitement begin.  The new Fanta Flesh material feels so warm and soft, you'll think it's real.  Waterproof Nipple and Testicle Teaser is manufactured by Pipe Dream Products PD4004-21.
Material :  Rubber
Color : Flesh
Batteries: 1 AA, Not Included
ITEM:  PD4004-21 
 Price: $15.95
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Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit - NC20022
Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit
Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit - This beautifully detailed nipple jewelry has brilliant flashing lights! There are eight batteries included in the packaging. Insert 2 batteries per ring and when the lights run low, there are four more for your convenience. Itís time to light up the night!  Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit by New Concepts NC20022.
Material :  Rubber
Color : Flesh
Batteries : None
ITEM:  NC20022 
 Price: $18.95
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Power Woman 6000 Nipple & Clit Enlarger - TS0494-7
Power Woman 6000 Nipple and Clit Enlarger
Power Woman 6000 Nipple and Clit Enlarger - Perfect perky nipples in seconds! Full clit enhancement and arousal! Includes two pleasure ring attachments that sensuously arouse erogenous zones to stimulate sexual satisfaction. Round pleasure rings for nipples and oval rings for the clit!  Power Woman 6000 Nipple and Clit Enlarger is manufactured by Topco Sales  TO0494-7.
Material :  Plastic
Color : Purple
Batteries : None
ITEM:  TS0494-7
 Price: $22.95
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Suction Mistress Breast Exerciser - DJ5055-00
Suction Mistress Breast Exerciser
Suction Mistress Breast Exerciser - Use this breast exerciser to tone your breasts and increase their erotic appeal during sex. You'll be more sensitive to sensation, which will allow you to be more easily aroused. If your lover just adores fondling your breasts, the Suction Mistress will get you in shape for all the loving he can give. Enjoy breast play more and experience more powerful orgasms as a result.  Suction Mistress Breast Exerciser is manufactured by Doc Johnson DJ5055-00.
Material :  Plastic
Color : Pink
Batteries : None
ITEM: DJ5055-00 
 Price: $20.95
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