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Hot Wax Play Facts
Hot Wax can be a very erotic experience but also very dangerous if you don't follow some basic safety rules.  Wax can cause serious burns.  The following information is provided for "Safe Hot Wax Play".   Please play safe and responsibly.
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You Will Need A Willing Partner . . . 
Hot Wax play is not something that you would want to surprise your partner with - make sure to discuss this kind of activity and be in complete agreement.

Purchase Wax Play Safe Candles . . . 
All wax is not the same and any candle that is dripless, contains bees wax, perfume, or any kind of chemical can cause both skin irritation and serious burns. We offer two selections which are both designed for Hot Wax Play and burn at a much lower temperature.
Fetish Fantasy Sensual Hot Wax
Fetish Fantasy Sensual Hot Wax
Special hot wax candles (burns cooler)
 Includes 4 ea, 5 1/2" Candles.
 Sold as a novelty only.
The Fetish Fantasy Sensual Hot Wax is just the right answer for unlimited naughty fun for two sexually adventurous individuals. The hot wax set has four candles with free satin love mask to heat things up. The hot wax adds sensations during intimate activities thus guaranteeing an unforgettable climax after all is said and done. Surprise your partner with the Sensual Hot Wax and show him or her what you got!   Not intended for use on mucous membranes or sensitive tissues. 
Item #  PD2109-00
Price: $4.95
Try The Wax First . . .
Before you engage in this activity with your partner try the wax on yourself first. Start by lighting the candle and waiting until you get an even flame. Hold the candle about 12 inches from your hand, facing palm up and allow one single drop.  The try varying the candle height.  Once you find a comfort level try it again on the inside of the forearm.  Then experiment on different parts of the body.  Remember that your skin may be more or less sensitive than your partner's and remember the closer the wax is dripped to the skin the hotter it will be.

Preparing The Area . . .
Clear the area of any potential hazards.  Keep in mind that you will be using an open flame so clear the area of anything that can burn.  Unless you want to spend a lot of time scraping wax also put drop cloths underneath to catch any wax drippings that may fall.   Keep a container of water in the area also.

Body Preparation . . .
Just as applying liquid latex, body hair should be a consideration and may want to be removed.  Also an application of moisturizing lotion will make wax removal easier but make sure not to use any lotion that will heat up went the wax is applied.

The Waxing . . .
Start dripping the wax from a height several feet above your partner's body then gradually move it closer.  Rotate the candle around the desired area.  Remember that some areas of the body are much more sensitive than others.  Never allow wax close to the face.  Starting on the back or the chest allows the person receiving the wax a chance to get used to the feel of it.  Go slow and if the person being waxed complains of a burn STOP IMMEDIATELY and remove the wax and treat with a cold compress.

Wax Clean Up . . .
Skin that is under the wax can be more sensitive once the wax is removed.  Wax can be removed with a knife or can be peeled away.  Make sure to wash the area to remove any of the wax residue.

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