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Plan your seduction with these fun Love Mask and Cuff Sets.  Whether you are 
slave or master these erotic sets are sure to make your ultimate fantasies come true.
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Furry 3 PC Love Cuff Kit
Furry 3 PC Love Cuff Kit
Furry 3 PC Love Cuff Kit - Soft faux fur covered heavy duty metal hand and ankle cuffs with easy release and 4 keys. Kit also includes a satin like blindfold. Available in Cheetah, Leopard, Zebra, Tiger, Pink, Purple, White, Red, Black or Blue.  By Pipedream Products PD3810.
 Item # PD3810
 Price: $32.95
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Pink Furry Love Cuff Kit
Pink Furry Love Cuff Kit
Pink Furry Love Cuff Kit - Feel the heat of passion intensify! The soft, satin love mask will keep your lover in suspense as you prepare for a night of ecstasy. Mask is padded and has double straps for secure placement. Soft, sensuous faux-fur covers the chrome metal handcuffs. Each cuff has a quick release and comes complete with two keys. By Cal Exotics SE2742-04.
Item #  SE2742-04 
 Price: $10.95
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Romantic Restraint Kit
Romantic Restraint Kit
Romantic Restraint Kit - Contents: 2 wrist or ankle restraints that are made if heavy duty materials. Easy on/easy off Velcro closures. Completely adjustable! Fits any size wrist or ankle. A leather blindfold and a 14" length rubber whip.  By SportSheets SS310.
Item # SS0310
 Price: $21.95
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7-Piece Fantasy Restraint Kit
7-Piece Fantasy Restraint Kit
7-Piece Fantasy Restraint Kit - Explore the hidden dimensions of your sensuality! Includes 4 Sports Cuffs™, 2 adjustable Tethers™ for heightened teasing, and a leather blindfold with soft lining. Be daring. There’s no escaping the fun!  Available in Black, Purple or Red.  By SportSheets SS310.
Item # SS0300
 Price: $49.95
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Barely Bonds Kit
Barely Bonds Kit
Barely Bonds Kit - Soft, light-weight cuffs lined with fur-like material, blindfold and feather tickler.  By SportSheets SS340-47.
Item #  SS0340-47
 Price: $28.95
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Beginner’s Bondage Kit
Beginners Bondage Kit
Beginners Bondage Kit -  Beginning with 4 wrist and ankle restraints with attached straps and a soft black blindfold is sure to produce a “happy ending.” The perfect kit for stepping into a new world of fantasy play.  By SportSheets SS350-01.
Item #  SS0350-01
 Price: $19.95
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Sexy Slave Kit
Sexy Slave Kit
Sexy Slave Kit - What could be sexier than sultry red cuffs with connectors, a red blindfold and a brilliant red pleasure feather? How about a pleasing partner willing to give themself to you. Obey your desires.  By SportSheets SS680-03.
Item #  SS0680-03
 Price: $21.95
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Lover's Prisoner Kit
Lovers Prisoner Kit
Lovers Prisoner Kit - Doing time in the bedroom was never more fun. Playful red and black restraints, collar and slinky rubber whip are all guilty of pleasure in the third degree. Everyone might be innocent, but they always give in to the guilt of the Lover's Prisoner Kit.  By SportSheets SS682-03.
Item #  SS0682-03
 Price: $19.95
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Never Ending Honeymoon Kit
Never Ending Honeymoon Kit
Never Ending Honeymoon Kit - Keep rediscovering the excitement and sensuality of your first days together! Kit includes a soft black blindfold, soft adjustable black cuffs, a packet of flavored lubricant … and a Fantasy Teaser Rubber Whip. Never-ending desire and pleasure!  By SportSheets SS685-013.
Item # SS0685-01
 Price: $18.95
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5 Piece Hot Kit
5 Piece Hot Kit
5 Piece Hot Kit -  Hot, sexy cuffs, adjustable Tethers and a paddle set the stage for a sinful night. Lose yourself in a devilish fantasy. Available in Red Flame and Blue Flame.  By SportSheets SS320.
Item # SS0320
 Price: $32.95
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Animal Kit
Animal Kit
Animal Kit - Whether you purr like a pussy or howl like a wolf, the Sportsheets™ Animal Kit will help you have a hot time, every time! Contains jungle-themed animal cuffs, blindfold with elastic strap and sensuous tickle feather for that extra little shudder and a roaring good time. Available in Zebra and Cheetah.  By SportSheets SS110.
Item # SS0110
 Price: $24.95
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Fur-Lined Paddles
Fur-Lined Paddles
Fur-Lined Paddles - High-quality black leather backing and soft fur-like material on the front. Use the soft side "body buffer" then turn the paddle over for quite a different impact. For firm but gentle personal "obedience training!" Available in Red, Black, Zebra, Cheetah, Red Flame and Blue Flame.  By SportSheets SS920.
Item # SS0920
 Price: $19.95
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