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Female Response Cremes - Enhance your sexual experience with a formula that when applied to the clitoral area will increase sexual arousal and help achieve orgasm.
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Vigel For Women Feminine Sexual Enhancement Gel
Vigel For Women Feminine Sexual Enhancement Gel
Vigel For Women Feminine Sexual Enhancement Gel -  .5oz bottle. A sterile, nonprescription, pharmaceutical grade topical gel manufactured to the strictest specifications. Applied directly to the clitoral area;  It dramatically increases feminine sexual arousal. Whether you are multi-orgasmic or have trouble achieving climax, VIGEL will enhance your sexual experience more than you ever dreamed possible. 
 Item # PV0100
Price: $17.95
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Viva Cream Female Stimulant 
Viva Cream Female Stimulant
Viva Cream Female Stimulant   - . Whether 18 or 80, women are seeking ways to enrich their life and bring more passion and intimacy into their relationships. With Viva Cream, sensitivity and intimacy may be heightened and a new rich orgasmic sexlife is possible. Viva Cream is a unique combination of herbal extracts, vitamins, and amino acids in a clear, non-sticky gel. Each ingredient has been chosen for its proven effects on the sensitive tissues of women. Using Viva Cream® may stimulate and potentiate a woman's desire, aiding in intensifying arousal. 
Item # PMD003
 Price: $14.95
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China Nympho Cream For Her
China Nympho Cream For Her
China Nympho Cream For Her  - This oriental sex aid stimulates a woman's clitoris. Just apply a thin layer of the cream to the vaginal area for extra-pleasing sensations.  Made with a secret blend of ointments that increases arousal in women. China Nympho Cream For Her is manufactured by Nasswalk Products NT202.
Item # NW0202 
 Price: $7.95
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Body Action Liquid V for Women
Body Action Liquid V for Women
Body Action Liquid V for Women  - 33 ounce tube. Female Stimulating Gel will enhance climax and orgasms. Body Action Liquid V is specially formulated for Women. Women can achieve the ultimate orgasm! Liquid V makes women climax stronger with explosive orgasmic pleasure. Liquid V increase sensation in just a few minutes. For best results please read and follow all directions. There are no guarantees this product will work for everyone, but most women can benefit from using Liquid V. Liquid V for Women is manufactured by Body Action.
Item # VI88040
Price: $26.95
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Tingle Gel Stimulation Plus
Tingle Gel Stimulation Plus
Tingle Gel Stimulation Plus - 2.4 Oz.  Advanced formula arousal gel! Minty fresh, edible, and tingly. Contains Arginine HCL and American and Amazon Ginseng. TingleGel is manufactured by Cal Exotics SE2230-00.
Item # SE2239-00
 Price: $6.95
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Spicy Cinnamon Wicked Arousal Gel
Spicy Cinnamon Wicked Arousal Gel
Spicy Cinnamon Wicked Arousal Gel  - .0.5 oz.  There are very few things in the world more incendiary than a Wicked Girl in heat, but here’s a way to turn it up even another notch! Tastes great, and even has healthy VITAMIN E!   Spicy Cinnamon Wicked Arousel Gel is manufactured by Cal Exotics SE8750-00. 
Item # SE8750-00
Price: $6.95
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O'My Clitoral Stimulating Gel 
O My Clitoral Stimulating Gel
O My Clitoral Stimulating Gel  - .5 oz. tube.  Still think orgasm is a myth? Think again and experience it for yourself with this all-natural, stimulating topical gel that helps women achieve orgasm. This slightly sweet-tasting gel may also increase the frequency and intensity of orgasm.
Item # 6715-97 
Price: $11.95
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Me So Horny Cream For Her
Me So Horny Cream
Me So Horny Cream - 5 oz. Tube.  Apply a generous amount of Me-So Horny cream to clitoris and experience the fireworks of passion tonight!  Me So Horny Cream is manufactured by Pipe Dream Products PD9805-00
Item # PD9805-00
 Price: $7.95
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Jesse Jane's Nymph Stimulation Gel 
Jesse Janes Nymph Stimulation Gel
Jesse Janes Nymph Stimulation Gel  - .36 oz.  Made from Jesse Jane’s own formula, this female arousal gel is the perfect way to give you the stimulation you have been looking for. Containing key sexual stimulants Arginine HCL and both Amazon and American Ginseng. The gel is edible and also has a sweet cinnamon flavor so you can both enjoy it. Rub it on and get it on!  Jesse Jane's Nymph Stimulation Gel is manufactured by Cal Exotics SE7577-00. 
Item # SE7577-00 
 Price: $5.95
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Wayne's Whoopie Cream
Waynes Whoopie Cream
Waynes Whoopie Cream - 5 oz. bottle.  Cream-colored lotion, with a sensual cherry flavoring, which will supercharge even the most active libido, causing increased arousal and producing world-class orgasms. When placed directly on the clitoral or penile tissue, the action of this unique combination of ingredients causes increased blood flow into the specialized arousal tissues, resulting in full, firm erections for men and increased sensitivity for women.  The leading edge technology of combining L-Arginine, Niacin and Caffeine. Safe for all skin types.  Contains approximately 30 applications 
Item # WC-002
Price: $12.95
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