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China Shrink Cream For Her
China Shrink Cream For Her
China Shrink Cream For Her  - 1/2 oz. tube. Formulated to tighten the vaginal walls. For loose vagina due to multiple childbirth and frigidity. Five minutes after application, vagina will tighten and maintain for a period of 24 hours. China Shrink Cream For Her is manufactured by Nasswalk Products NT203.
 Item # NW0203 
 Price: $7.95
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Sure Grip Tighten Her Cream 
Sure Grip Tighten Her Cream
Sure Grip Tighten Her Cream  - .5 oz. tube.   Explore the exhilerating experience elicited by the snug fit you'll get using Sure Grip's Tighten-Her Cream.  Sure Grip Tighten Her Cream is manufactured by Pipe Dream Products PD9806-00.
Item # PD9806-00 
 Price: $7.95
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Liquid Virgin Contracting Lubricant
Liquid Virgin Contracting Lubricant
Liquid Virgin Contracting Lubricant - 1 oz. bottle.  A vaginal contracting lubricant. Apply a few drops to desired area 15 minutes prior to any activity for desired results and moisturization. Make every time feel like the first time!
Item # HPU505-S
Price: $6.95
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Crazy Girl Shrink Gel 
Crazy Girl Shrink Gel with Libido Enhancers
Crazy Girl Shrink Gel with Libido Enhancers - 5-ounce tube.  Become a naughty, sexy diva! Crazy Girl So Tight vaginal Shrink Gel is formulated to boost sex drive while tightening the vagina. The .5-ounce tube holds a cherry flavored gel that can be used anywhere, anytime. Sex alert, contains libido enhancers known to inspire sexual arousal!
Item # 7999-06
 Price: $7.95
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Oh So Tight Vaginal Cream 
Oh So Tight Vaginal Cream
Oh So Tight Vaginal Cream  - 5 oz. tube. Get back that "snug like a virgin" feeling! Use this incredible shrink cream to tighten and firm her love tunnel for heightened sensations during intercourse. Just apply the tasteless, odorless cream to her vaginal walls and opening, then enjoy hours upon hours of erogenous fun!  Conveniently discreet and portable.
Item # ET6646 
 Price: $7.95
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Tighten Up Shrink Cream
Tighten Up Shrink Cream
Tighten Up Shrink Cream - 1/4 oz tube.  Enhances tightening sensation and heightens sensitivity. Long lasting tasteless, unscented water soluble creme. Apply by massaging into vaginal tissue, allow 10-15 minutes to take effect.  Tighten Up Shrink Cream is manufactured by Cal Exotics SE2205-00.
Item # SE2205-00
 Price: $4.95
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Tight Stuff Oriental Tightening Oil
Tight Stuff Oriental Tightening Oil
Tight Stuff Oriental Tightening Oil - 1 oz. bottle.  Contracts and tightens the vaginal walls to intensify sexual pleasure. Also includes 2 packettes of Oriental Lubricant. Tight Stuff Oriental Oil is manufactured by Topco Sales TO3245-7.
Item # TS3245-7
 Price: $7.95
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The Magic Stick Vaginal Tightener 
The Magic Stick Vaginal Tightner
The Magic Stick Vaginal Tightner  - Used for centuries in the Orient, the Magic Stick's special ingredients were originally combined to help women restore vaginal tightness after childbirth. Now the "secret" is out, and any woman and her partner can "make every time like the first time." The Magic Stick is made in a small, smooth cigar shape with a thin retrieval cord, and just a few minutes use prior to intercourse gives the desired tightening effect. About 4-1/2 inches long (7/8 inch diameter). Each Magic Stick is good for roughly 20 to 25 uses. Read all directions prior to use and discontinue if irritation occurs. Imported from Indonesia.
Item # 9869
Price: $16.95
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