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Erotic Tickling Book 
Erotic Tickling Book
Erotic Tickling Book by Michael Moran - Erotic Tickling offers a spicy fillip to even a conventional sex life - and a powerful source of erotic overdrive to the adventurous. Between these pages, you will learn how to provide safe, sweet, erotic stimulus to all your sweetie's soft and tender body parts - using fingers, feathers, fabrics and other easy-to-obtain household items. You can also discover how to enhance the tickling experience with firm but tender bondage. 105 pages.
Item # 6843
 Price: $21.95
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When Someone You Love Is Kinky Book 
When Someone You Love Is Kinky Book
When Someone You Love Is Kinky Book by Dossie Easton,Catherine A. Liszt -  If someone you love has a sexual kink, or if you suspect that they may, and you want to know more about what that means to them and how you can deal with what it means to you,
this book is for you! When Someone You Love Is Kinky book should be required reading for anyone interested in  expanding his or her knowledge
of human sexuality. 155 pages. 
Item # 6876
 Price: $24.95
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The New Joy of Gay Sex Book
The New Joy of Gay Sex Book
The New Joy of Gay Sex Book by Charles Silverstein - The "New" Joy of Gay Sex, an essential reference book for every gay man. This book has three goals, to educate gay men about safe sex and save lives by showing the varieties of sexual behavior still available; to address the many emotional and relationship-oriented issues that arise in gay life, and such as long-term couples, one-night stands, loneliness, and growing older; and to serve as a general home reference on a number of diverse topics, from living wills to a short history of condoms. 214 pages. 
Item # 6849
 Price: $21.15
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The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All
The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All
The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All by Felice Newman. - It covers subjects ranging from desire and fantasy, anatomy and sexual response, masturbation, communication, breast play, oral sex, vaginal and anal penetration, sex toys and safer sex - and that's just a selection from the comprehensive list.  This is a great book for beginners who are happy with their sexuality as it stimulates the mind (and other parts!) whilst educating on the valid and important points of safer sex - not only physical wellbeing, but also mental and emotional. 292 pages.
Item # 6851
 Price: $29.95
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Tantric Sex for Women Book
Tantric Sex for Women Book
Tantric Sex for Women Book by Christa Schulte  - Over 50 exercises form the heart of this book, helping women become more body-aware and sensual. Included are exercises for solo-lovers, love games for two, rituals, meditations and massage techniques, designed to enable women to fulfill their sexual and sensual potential and enrich their relationships. 
Item # 6865
 Price: $19.95
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Woof!: Perspectives Into The Erotic Care & Training 
Woof!: Perspectives Into The Erotic Care and Training Of The Human Dog
Woof!: Perspectives Into The Erotic Care and Training Of The Human Dog by Michael Daniels - The human dog or pup is a unique creature - part boy, part dog; part companion, part servant; protective yet in need of supervision - a playful guardian to his Master. Add a compulsion for leather and kink and the mix becomes even more rewarding - and complicated. 176 pages 
Item # 6850
 Price: $17.95
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Best of the Best Gay Erotica 
Best of the Best Gay Erotica 2005
Best of the Best Gay Erotica by Richard Labonte - Brains, muscle, tenderness, kink. Like the perfect lover, the tenth anniversary edition of Best Gay Erotica has it all. From the blushing explorations of Jonathan Asche's "Doll Boy" to the dark journey of Alpha Martial's "My Place" to the sexual confession of a homophobic "straight" boy in Alex Rowlson's "Pink Triangle-Shaped Pubes," these 21 stories explore a heart-pounding range of male-male desire.  200 pages.
Item # 6855
Price: $18.95
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Ultimate Gay Sex Book 
Ultimate Gay Sex Book
Ultimate Gay Sex Book Ultimate Gay Sex Book by Michael Thomas Ford  - Eloquent, sexy, provocative, and infinitely informative, this richly illustrated guide celebrates every aspect of gay sex in over 200 gorgeous, full-color photographs. Unlike any other guide of its type, Ultimate Gay Sex takes a groundbreaking visually exciting approach to the most important issues in gay life - from coming out, finding a partner, and nurturing a relationship, to staying healthy, dealing with aging, and weathering breakups.  192 pages 
Item # 6886
Price: $19.95
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Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica
Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica
Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica by Tristan Taormino - A sampling of some of the best erotic fiction from the past 5 years of the Best Lesbian Erotica Series.  200 pages.
Item # 6856-1 
Price: $18.95
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