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all designed to stimulate your imagination and help you have a more exciting sex life.
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Tricks to Please a Woman Book
Tricks to Please a Woman Book
Tricks to Please a Woman Book - Jay Wiseman, author of the top selling Tricks series, offers 125 sex tricks to heighten female pleasure. Easy to read, accurate and informative with up to date anatomical and safe sex information along with tips for negotiating a range of sexual scenes and keeping sex hot in a relationship. 
 Item # 6493
Price: $19.95
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101 Ways To Romance Your Partner
101 Ways To Romance Your Partner
101 Ways To Romance Your Partner - Romance would not exist without lust. In fact, the degree of lust often defines the degree of romance. Romance could even be defined as the amount of duress one will endure to satisfy one's lust. With '101 Ways to Romance Your Partner' we want to bring back the element of lust into your relationship whether old or new."
Item # 6752
 Price: $7.95
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101 Exciting Places To Have Sex
101 Exciting Places To Have Sex
101 Exciting Places To Have Sex  - This unique manual suggests 101 places to spice up your lovelife and asks you to document them all!
Item # 6754
 Price: $7.95
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Erotic Passions Book
Erotic Passions Book
Erotic Passions Book - Remarkable book that shows you how to give an orgasmic massage, create a sensual play space, take a sensual bath, incorporate vibration into your erotic massage, create a variety of sensations with oral caresses, and more. The focus is on increasing touch and sensuality in your relationship, while intensifying your sexual connection and experiences. Our customers love this book for its beautiful photos and illustrations, and for the permission it gives to be both playful and sensual. 
Item # 6875
Price: $16.95
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Tricks to Please a Man Book
Tricks to Please a Man Book
Tricks to Please a Man Book  - Jay Wiseman provides 125 “tricks” for making that next round of sexplay with a male partner hot and satisfying for both of you. The descriptions in this book are so simple and direct it’s hard not to put the book down and just try one. Hand jobs, blowjobs, spanking, quick fantasy games anyone can play…there’s enough variety to provide any reader with something new. Other sections of the book offer helpful hints on everything from keeping toys clean to dealing latex sensitivities. 160 pages..
Item # 6493-2 
 Price: $19.95
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Can You Pass the Sex Test? Book
Can You Pass the Sex Test? Book
Can You Pass the Sex Test? Book - Graded according to individual profiles created from ten questionnaires, Sex Test suggests ways to boost confidence, expand sexual knowledge, and become a better lover. Boldly designed and filled with sensual full-color photography, Anne Hooper shows readers how to find their true sexual selves.
Item # 6451
 Price: $18.85
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The Lover's Library 3 Book Set 
The Lovers Library 3 Book Set
The Lover's Library 3 Book Set  - These are fun, inspiring and informative. You'll want to access these books frequently. The Lover's Library is ideal for gift-giving - or as a special treat to keep just for yourself. You'll find this little sex book library the perfect bedside companion for newlyweds and lovers everywhere. These three previously published bestsellers - Lover's Weekend, Sex Test, and Great Sex Tips -- are brought together for the first time in a handsome boxed set.
Item # 6452
 Price: $39.95
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Sex Games Book
Sex Games Book
Sex Games Book - These sex games will unleash passions you never knew existed, turning the heat up between the sheets. Add spice to your love life by acting out your fantasies, and learn new techniques to improve your expertise and your partner's responsiveness. Experiment while unlocking the secrets of keeping your sexuality alive with imagination and variety.
Item # 6454
 Price: $19.95
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Pocket Book of Sex and Chocolate
Pocket Book of Sex and Chocolate What More Could a Body Want?
Pocket Book of Sex and Chocolate: What More Could a Body Want?  - The Pocket Book of Sex and Chocolate looks at the history and symbolism of chocolate in all its forms. Treating sex as a skill and an art form, as well as a ritual for joy and profound pleasure, Craze's suggestions for combining chocolate and sex run the gamut from saucy to classy. Illustrated with original artwork and sensuous photographs, this book is a stimulating and informative look at how to combine two exquisite pleasures. 96 pages.
Item # 6455
Price: $10.95
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The Pocket Book of Sexual Fantasy: Inspiration for Lovers 
The Pocket Book of Sexual Fantasy: Inspiration for Lovers
The Pocket Book of Sexual Fantasy: Inspiration for Lovers  - Richard Craze discusses how to get beyond inhibitions, how to set limits and say "stop" without undermining the erotic moment, how to take turns, and how to keep play from becoming competitive or manipulative. He addresses the differences between men's and women's hidden desires, and guides readers through 26 common genres of fantasy, including bondage, striptease, voyeurism, fetishism, toys, teasing, leather and lace, exhibitionism, and cross-dressing.  96 pages.
Item # 6456
Price: $10.95
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